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Ways Website Translation Can Help Organizations

Ways Website Translation Can Help Organizations

As you seek to expand your organization, you may consider translating your website to different languages. Having your website’s content professionally translated will help you reach new customers by appealing to them in their language. It is a way to let prospective customers know that you have an in-depth understanding of their culture, needs, and what is most important to them. 

With over 67 million people living in the US speaking a native language other than English, having a professionally translated website is more important for organizations than ever before. To bridge this gap, many organizations have utilized online translation services and machine translation tools. While these tools are very convenient, they do not keep cultural preferences in mind and are usually translating sentence structure and words incorrectly.

By hiring a professional website translation company, you can rest assured your website will be translated properly and non-English speaking customers will be able to effectively understand your organization’s message.

Pros of Professional Website Translation Services

Website translation can play a significant role in generating sales, promoting culture, improving your website’s overall efficiency, and much more. Here are the benefits of having a professional website translator translate your website rather than a machine translation tool:

  • Accuracy & Enhanced Accessibility – When you switch from a machine-based translation tool to a professional website translation company, the most notable difference is the consistency and accuracy of the translation. 
  • Enhance Cultural Awareness Effort – By hiring professionals, like those at Hanna Interpreting Services, the institutional commitment to embracing language and cultural barriers and overcoming those challenges shines through.
  • Immediacy and Connections – There’s no need to spend too much time planning or worrying about technological difficulties. Website translation offered by providers, like Hanna Interpreting Services, are reliable, on-demand, and around-the-clock. 

Our Website Translation Services

At Hanna, we have managed to set ourselves apart from other translation agencies because of our commitment to helping businesses establish deep, meaningful connections with organizations and their customers. Our website translation services can open your business up to the world by bridging the gaps for over 200 languages and cultures. Our team has in-depth experience with the cultures and languages you want to connect with.

We offer a full suite of global expansion resources that include website translation, in-person interpreting, telephonic interpreting, video interpreting, and much more. If you’re ready to make your website accessible to all languages, don’t waste precious time and resources on machine lead translations. Call our knowledgeable representatives to discuss your goals and ideas today! Reach out to us today to request a free consultation!