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What is Medical Video Remote Interpreting?

medical video remote interpreting

Imagine for a minute that you’re in a hospital setting and need to receive services but no one in the room is able to communicate with you because of a language barrier. Now, what if I told you that this IS NOT due to a spoken language barrier but due to an inability to hear […]

How to Conduct an Interview Over a Refugee Story

Every cultural background has both hidden and visible elements with values being the key feature of every culture. Visual elements are most noticeable at first glance and include dress, art, artifacts, architecture, color, traditions, and social etiquette. But, in order to be an effective communicator and overcome barriers in communication, learn about their home country […]

FAQ: What Do Translation Companies Offer?

Many businesses and organizations have international clients or users that speak multiple languages. High quality translations are making it easier to communicate which is helping to build stronger business relationships and strengthen communities.  Google translate and machine translation have become a popular and low cost way to meet the need for professional translations but they […]