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Social Distancing & Interpreting Services

COVID-19 has made a huge impact around the globe and has led many businesses and individuals to find safer and socially distanced ways to complete their day-to day tasks. As a result, meetings and conversations are mostly conducted with video conferencing software or over telephone calls to allow for safe communication. 

As we have turned to video and phone calls to communicate with one another, finding professional interpreters trained to assist in these virtual environments is critical to maintaining understanding. For example, teachers and students have needed to adjust to distance learning quickly, which also means that the standard in-person interpreting services provided on campus need to be available for students online. In order for each student to have the same level of understanding as they did in the classroom, telephonic and video interpretation services are more now important than ever.

In-person interpreting is the standard interpreting service that most businesses and individuals are familiar with. However, telephonic and video interpreting are the perfect way to still have efficient and professional interpreting services while remaining safely socially distanced. Learn more about the telephonic and video interpretation services below:

Telephonic Interpretation

Telephonic interpretation is a service that connects an interpreter via the phone to the two other people or parties who are trying to hold a conversation. 

Just like in-person interpretation, the third party will facilitate mutual understanding. But unlike in-person interpretation, telephonic services do not require travel, and are just as effective and even more efficient.

Even for short conversations or medical emergencies, an interpreter might be needed without receiving advanced notice. That’s where telephonic interpreting services come in handy. In addition, the cost-effectiveness, versatility, and flexibility of telephonic interpretation services is driving the exponential growth in demand. 

Hanna Interpreting Services is an industry leader in providing around the clock telephonic interpreters fluent in over 200+ languages and would be happy to assist wherever you may be needing a professional interpreter

Video Interpretation

Similar to telephonic interpretation, this service brings parties together that need an interpreter to understand each other. The interpreter will be there live on the video-call, without needing to be there physically. 

Video interpretation offers a sound alternative to in-person interpretation services, as it does not change the nature of the interpreter’s role, but simply the medium.

Hanna Interpreting services has helped over 700,000 people understand one another and offers 24/7 video interpretation services. This applies to Zoom meetings, Microsoft Teams meetings, Skype calls, or wherever you may be needing the ears of a professional interpreter. 

In these uncertain times, protecting our health and safety is the top priority. Using interpretation services for phone and video calls, promotes safety as there is no need to travel distances and arrange for an interpreter to come along.

If you are looking for a safe, convenient, and quick way to still use interpretation services, fill out the Contact Us Form from Hanna Interpreting Services today. With trusted experience, a wide offering of 200+ languages, and comprehensive telephonic and video interpretation services, Hanna is an experienced and professional company here to help you!