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Hanna Interpreting Services Makes Top 100 in Slator 2024 Language Service Provider Index

Spring Valley, CA – 6, May 2024 – Hanna Interpreting Services is thrilled to announce its rise to 61st place in the prestigious Slator 2024 Language Service Provider Index, a significant leap from its 69th position in 2023. This achievement is underscored by an extraordinary 32.4% growth in revenue and a 20% increase in headcount, marking a year of robust expansion and strategic success.

This remarkable growth trajectory is a testament to Hanna Interpreting’s strategic expansion in several key sectors: government, social services, healthcare, and enhanced geographical coverage for onsite interpreting (OSI). These areas have seen substantial new contracts and expanded partnerships, reflecting the company’s commitment to providing top-tier language services across increasingly diverse regions and industries.

“Our team is immensely proud to be recognized by Slator, a leader in analyzing the global language services market,” said Tom Hanna, President of Hanna Interpreting Services. “This acknowledgment is not just a reflection of our growth but more importantly, of our steadfast dedication to breaking language barriers and enhancing communication for our clients across all sectors.”

Hanna Interpreting’s strategic initiatives over the past year have included:

  • Increased School District Coverage: Understanding the unique needs of school districts and the increase of services in American Sign Language, and indigenous languages has allowed Hanna Interpreting Services to grow towards servicing the majority of School Districts in California. 
  • Expanding Government Contracts: By enhancing our offerings to meet the specific needs of multiple government agencies, we have solidified and expanded our presence in this sector.
  • Broadening Social Services Reach: Our commitment to equity of care and accessibility has driven our expansion in social services, ensuring communities have the language access they need.
  • Strengthening Healthcare Partnerships: In healthcare, where clear communication is crucial, we have deepened our impact, helping providers improve patient care through better understanding.
  • Extending OSI Capabilities: We’ve increased our geographical footprint in onsite interpreting to cover new regions, meeting the growing demand for in-person language services.

These efforts not only reflect Hanna Interpreting’s growth in capacity and reach but also our commitment to innovation and excellence in the language services industry. As we continue to build on this momentum, our focus remains on investing in technology and talent to propel our services to new heights and help our clients succeed in a global marketplace.

Founded in 2010 by Jennifer Hanna and her son, Tom Elias Hanna, Hanna Interpreting Services began as a passion project in their garage, driven by a desire to break language barriers and connect people from diverse backgrounds. Since then, the company has grown exponentially, serving over 1.1 million clients in 250+ languages and earning accolades as one of the leading language services providers in North America and globally.