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FAQ: What Do Translation Companies Offer?

Many businesses and organizations have international clients or users that speak multiple languages. High quality translations are making it easier to communicate which is helping to build stronger business relationships and strengthen communities. 

Google translate and machine translation have become a popular and low cost way to meet the need for professional translations but they aren’t providing quality translations. These services rely on statistical analysis from across the web to provide a translation that may or may not be correct. They are based on language patterns used in other translated documents online rather than native speakers. 

Market research has shown that the value of the translation services market was $39.37 Billion in 2020 with potential growth to $46.22 Billion in 2028 so the need for accurate translation is growing. As the world becomes more diverse and globalized, the way we interact with each other must change with it. 

Why Use Language Services?

Google Translate and other machine translation services have become popular for their low cost, but they don’t provide quality translations.Translation services help businesses communicate with customers in multiple languages and assist them in choosing products that improve their lives. 

We should all try to imagine if we were in a foreign country and were speaking different languages than the locals. 

What services would we need but not have access to due to the language barrier?

Maybe we can’t communicate with our kids’ school, apply for a driver’s license, or fill a prescription at the pharmacy on our own. Language services give people the ability to communicate independently and confidently in situations that might be uncomfortable or frustrating. 

Without translators, we would be forced to use a dictionary or broken language skills to try to communicate our needs.

What organizations use professional translation services to best communicate with potential customers which breaks down language and cultural communication barriers?

  • Schools
  • Government offices 
  • Hospitals 
  • Clinics 
  • Businesses 
  • Financial offices
  • Legal service providers
  • Scientific researchers
  • Tourism offices
  • Entertainment venues

What Are the Uses of Translation?

The main reason for using translation is to give your audience the appropriate meaning of a word or phrase in order for two parties to communicate and exchange ideas that come from different backgrounds. The translation process is necessary to bridging cultures and key to sharing new ways of thinking, strategy, planning, and concepts. 

The importance of translation goes beyond translating words! 

Skilled translators can use body language cues to help make communication more meaningful for both parties. Translators are able to explain cultural and regional differences which shows compassion to a non-English speaker while promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Localization is the process of adapting your language, colors, images, and designs to the culture of your target audience. This process will help you match the preferences of your audience but, also, conform to local laws or regulations, too. 

Who Uses Translation Services?

Thanks to technology and the ability to travel to almost anywhere we want, the world has become more interdependent and connected. Because of this, there is a huge need for translation services on a global scale, not just in the United States. 

  • Legal documents are translated into English to help people transition to a new culture. We have helped patrons translate marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, family history documents, and immigration papers, just to name a few!
  • Medical and healthcare providers use translators to communicate with patients so they receive the best possible care and understand what to expect or how to make educated decisions about their treatment. This helps to build trust between the patient and provider.
  • Financial providers and banks use translation services to explain financial products or how to use bank services in that country. Knowing what financial products are available and having the knowledge to make educated choices about which are best for your situation is empowering for families.
  • The tech industry is focused on building a global audience because more than 70% of tech revenue comes from the international market. Translation services allow big businesses to hit their goals of communicating with customers in as many languages as possible and support customers in choosing products that enrich their lives.
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What Are the Advantages of a Translator?

A professional translation company handpicks the translator that is going to be working with you. This means that you are working with the best of the best and the customer service process is streamlined to suit your needs. 

Translation companies, usually, have strict requirements when choosing translators to work with and have years of experience as translators and in their chosen field of work such as finance, legal, healthcare, and education. This ensures that businesses and users have a quality, tailored experience. 

In Conclusion

Language services are increasing in demand globally and used by government entities, schools, healthcare, legal offices, finance, and so much more. The process of working with a translation company is streamlined and easy to work with which saves time and valuable resources. 

Google Translate and other online translation services aren’t reliable and don’t account for regional or cultural differences. Hiring a professional translation company builds strong relationships and allows for the global exchange of forward thinking ideas. 

Disclaimer: All content published by Hanna Interpreting Services, LLC is owned by Hanna Interpreting Services, LLC and is for educational purposes only. Published information is opinion, not fact, and should not be used in lieu of legal or professional services advice. Please consult a professional for help in regards to your individual situation or circumstances.