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Schools understand the benefits of education interpretation services, but it is more important than ever to have a well-educated and trained interpreter during this time of distance learning. In the United States, almost 1 in 4 children speak a different language than English, and many schools have closed and adhere to social distancing measures. As a result, ensuring that all ELL, ESL, and non-English speaking families understand crucial information is challenging.

To bridge this gap many schools have utilized parent volunteers, staff members, or outside volunteers who may be overextended during this critical time. Even though these volunteers are coming from a place of wanting to help, providing non-English speaking students and families with adequate and consistent education interpretation services is more important than ever.

Even if the volunteer interpreters can keep up with the demand, the scope and longevity involved with distance learning and the amount of information that needs to be interpreted can become overwhelming. By hiring a professional interpreter, you can rest assured non-English speaking students can still follow along and that their parents remain informed.

Pros of a Professional Interpreter

Education translation and interpretation services can play a significant role in the institutional development of policy, culture, efficiency, and student outcomes. Here are the benefits of having a professional interpreter in schools rather than a volunteer:

  1. Accuracy & Enhanced Accessibility – When you switch from a volunteer network to a professional interpretation service, the most notable difference is the consistency and accuracy of the interpretations. Secondly, the range of access and interpretations you can offer expands exponentially.
  2. Enhance Cultural Awareness Effort – Cultural awareness training has been implemented in educational settings to promote fluid communication between a diverse and multicultural student community. By hiring professionals, like those at Hanna Interpreting Services, the institutional commitment to embracing language barriers and overcoming those challenges shines through.
  3. Immediacy and Connections – There’s no need to spend too much time planning or worrying about technological difficulties. Education interpretation services offered by providers, like Hanna Interpreting Services, are reliable, on-demand, around-the-clock, and easily accessible. No need for the hassle of phone calls, scheduling, and hoping your interpreter shows up.
Pros of a Professional Interpreter from Hanna Interpreting Services

Hanna Interpreting Services has emerged as a leader in the industry, offering interpreters fluent in over 200 languages. When customers sign up for Hanna’s services, they gain access to a carefully woven network of the best professionals in the field that can help schools on-demand.

  1. Comprehensive interpretation services, including in-person interpreting in California and telephonic or video interpreting available nationally every day of the year.
  2. Remote video interpretation, an ideal solution for distance learning, parent-teacher conferences, and other educational appointments.
  3. Professional document translation and transcription.
  4. Voice over services for audio recordings available in all languages.
  5. Hanna Interpreting Services offers language assessments to verify the fluence of bilingual employees.
  6. Hanna Interpreting Services also provides professional ADA PDF remediation services to ensure electronic documents are accessible to screen readers allowing the visually impaired to hear an auditory version of the document.

All of these services help bridge the gap for non-English speaking students as they distance learn due to COVID-19. Plus, it allows students and their families to stay safe in these uncertain times.

Professional Education Interpreters and Translators are critical to helping non-English speaking students as they distance learn. Hanna Interpreting Services provides a variety of educational interpreting services to fulfill the needs of non-English speaking students.  Our interpreters are knowledgeable of IEP and SST meetings, making it easy to develop effective student plans.

If you are interested in bringing professional interpretation services to your school, don’t hesitate to contact Hanna Interpreting Services today by filling out the 30-second Contact Us form.