Please note the following instructions:

1. When the hearing begins, please be prepared to qualify yourself to the administrator by explaining your interpreting experience and fluency level.

2. After the completion of the hearing, you will be given an invoice to complete. Please ONLY print, sign, and date the invoice and hand it back to the clerk. DO NOT complete any portion of the fee section, as this portion will be completed by the hearing office.

3. The clerk will make a copy of the invoice after it is signed and will give it to you to take home. (Please note, some offices do not have invoices to provide to you. In that case, you can skip this step). Afterwards, please email, fax or mail the copy of the invoice to our office. Our mailing address is:

Hanna Interpreting Services LLC
10783 Jamacha Blvd., Ste. 8,
Spring Valley, CA 91978.

4. Please dress professionally (avoid wearing sandals, jeans, etc.).

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