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Please note the additional instructions for CUIAB hearings:


1. Please click and review the following links carefully to ensure that you are familiar with CUIAB interpreting procedures.

CUIAB Glossary
Example CUIAB paperwork

2. The CUIAB Interpreting Form should be printed, completed, and taken with you to the assignment. Please leave the gray box titled “Do Not Fill – For Agency Use Only” blank.

3. After the completion of the hearing, ask the Administrative Law Judge to initial the CUIAB Interpreting form. After you receive the initials, DO NOT turn in the form to the CUIAB front office. Instead, keep the original form with you and mail the original form to our office at the address below. DO NOT fax or email the form to our office, we must receive the original form back. Our mailing address is:

Hanna Interpreting Services LLC
3322 Sweetwater Springs Blvd., Ste. 204
Spring Valley, CA 91977

4. Remember to check-in with the CUIAB front office 15 minutes prior to the hearing start time. The receptionist will give you the claimant’s CUIAB file for you to review. If the claimant is present, review the file with them. After you review the file, please separate from the client. It is important to not have any side conversations with the client before or during an assignment. You can find an example of a claimant’s CUIAB file in the “Example CUIAB paperwork” attachment in this email.

5. When the hearing begins, please be prepared to qualify yourself to the administrative judge by explaining your interpreting experience and fluency level.

6. Please dress professionally (avoid wearing sandals, jeans, etc.).

To further help familiarize yourself with the CUIAB process, click and watch the following video link created by CUIAB for its claimants: